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Caty hydroelectric power station

Fiac (81)

Our experts renovated the 499 kW Caty hydroelectric power station.

As part of the demolition of the existing hydroelectric power plant and the reconstruction of a new one, our teams provided their know-how on:

  • monitoring the design of the plant
  • specifying the turbo generator and other electromechanical equipment
  • drawing up a set of specifications for purchases
  • monitoring the work
  • testing and commissioning

To do this, our experts oversaw:

  • the installation of upstream and downstream cofferdams
  • the demolition of the existing plant
  • earthworks and engineering of the water intake, power station and fish pass
  • the coordination of the installation of electromechanical equipment:
    • 1 double-regulated Kaplan turbine with permanent magnet alternator
    • 1 20/0.4 kV 630 kVA transformer
    • 1 automation and control system for managing the plant
    • 1 monorail with a capacity of 10 tonnes
    • 1 hydromechanical unit including grids, bar screens and a degreasing valve
  • the removal of the cofferdams
  • coordination for the commissioning and compliance of the installation
  • dry and wet testing