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The Clemessy teams carried out electrical and monitoring & control work and built 3 turnkey diesel plants.

Turnkey construction of 3 diesel plants in Port-Est, Bellefontaine and Jarry.
Design and completion of the general electrical installations (GEI) and the digital monitoring & control system (DMCS) of the Bastia power plant.

  • Engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of the BOP (Electric Balance of Plant):
  • Power & lighting
  • Communications
  • 11/63 kV and 11/90 kV - 24 MVA distribution transformers
  • Genset circuit breakers, 11 kV busbar
  • Auxiliary transformers, 400 V boards
  • 400 V / 230 V sub-distribution boards
  • Telephony, video, intruder, access control
  • DMCS - Digital Monitoring & Control System
  • Wall of images, simulator

In total, 43 diesel engines with a unit capacity of 18.2 MW were installed.