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Pumping and dosing systems

The Rambure brand offers equipment for pumping, dosing and applying high viscosity products (sealants, glues, butyls, gap-fillers, ..).

A team of experts is at your service to support you in your projects: developing new products, installing our standard range, overhauling equipment.

  • Design office
  • Assembly workshop
  • Advice
  • Commissioning
  • Training

Standard pumping station

  • TANDEM & solo configurations
  • 2 barrel sizes: 20L and 200L
  • 1K and 2K glues
  • Heated or room temperature


  • Volumetric dosing system by gear pump or doser
  • Heated or room temperature
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Options: flow meter, pressure regulator, inlet valve

Applicator or gun

  • Applicator / rotary gun
  • Single- or two-component

Cabinet and monitoring

  • Human-Machine Interface by touch screen (HMI)
  • Monitoring of all the process parameters
  • Communication according to various standards (Ethernet, Profinet, etc.)

Monitoring of the bead

  • Height and width of the bead, automatically
  • Integrated into our control rack (vision system)
  • Visualization on HMI

Feasibility study

  • Implementation & validation on our test platform

Primary process

  • Pumping by pressurized pot and peristaltic pump
  • Dabbing or spraying application
  • Applicator integrated on robot or fixed on bracket 

Availability - performance - efficiency

  • Predictive maintenance with system modelling and data backup
Recognized experience in many applications

  • Hydraulic lift station
  • Pneumatic lift station
  • Solo and TANDEM configurations
  • Barrel sizes: 20L and 200L
  • Follower plate
  • Glues: 1K, mono-boosted and 2K
  • Heating system or system at room temperature
  • Dosing: gear pump or doser
  • Dispensing gun
  • Touch screen monitoring system
  • Bead monitoring
  • Pumping and primary dispensing
  • Bracket for Ax7 application
  • Nozzle cleaner

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