Testing systems

Our test systems meet the requirements of industries to validate the quality and expected performance of a product or system.

Turnkey automotive testing systems

  • Gearboxes
    End-of-line test benches
    Pinion and shaft “shock” test benches, gearing analysis
    Gear shift robots
  • Electric motors
    Electric motor test benches
  • Modules, Batteries & Battery Packs
    Battery charge / discharge benches
  • Electrical and electronic functions
    Power electronics test benches and end product testing.

Turnkey test systems for the space sector

  • Satellites
  • EGSE-Electrical Ground Support Equipment 
  • Design and production of custom-made simulators for ground validation of the satellite integration (solar panels, batteries, etc.)
  • Launchers

Turnkey test systems for: 

  • Launcher module
  • Booster
  • Thrusters
  • Engine
  • Payload
  • Flatsat

Cycla Web

Cycla Web is production quality monitoring software. It makes it possible to create and configure product ranges and test cycles.
It collects and centralises data during bench tests and allows the results and non-conformities to be displayed and analysed.
They are presented in the form of an html page. The results are displayed in OK / NOK, textual or graphical form depending on the user's needs.

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