Ultra clean piping and process engineer

Partner in your challenges

Hyline is the Eiffage Energie Systèmes brand specialising in fluid distribution networks as well as decontamination and cleaning in clean environments. Also specialised in dairy and liquid food processing, our teams can assist you with your projects, from engineering to the construction of turnkey workshops to:

  • Optimise product traceability
  • Improve sanitary quality
  • Guarantee continuity of service
  • Ensure the sustainability of the production unit
  • Upgrade units to secure, intelligent and connected solutions
  • Optimise production performance and reduce material losses
  • Reduce water and energy consumption
  • Accepting installations based on open systems

Ultra-clean piping: water, steam, gas

More than 60 specialists are involved in designing and installing the equipment that guarantees the quality and safety essential to your processes. 

  • Water treatment: distribution of purified, distilled, drinking and softened water
  • Sterilisation: distribution of clean steam, condensate collectors, energy recovery, installation of degassers, etc.
  • Pure gases: vacuum systems, distribution of inert and combustible gases, low and high pressure, compressed air networks
  • Equipment connection: filling machines, fermenters, bioreactors, freeze-driers, chromatographs
  • Decontamination: waste water, liquid disinfectant distribution, biowaste collectors and treatment
  • Cleaning: CIP/SIP systems, customised cleaning systems, mobile tank cleaning
  • Quality control - qualification file: endoscopy inspection, gamma radiography, GMP file for validation, documentation service
  • Engineering: 3D CAD drawings, pressure drop calculations, expansion, sizing
  • Maintenance: maintenance of valves and pumps, replacement of seals and diaphragms, flow measurements, preventive and corrective maintenance

Process engineer: milk and liquids

At the heart of the dairy industry, Hyline is positioned today as a reference process integrator to offer you solutions to your most complex challenges. 

Engineering and design of your installations

Within our own design office, our engineers will support you in the design of your installations from the very beginning of the project:

  • analysis of your needs and study of your existing processes,
  • design of the PID diagram,
  • equipment sizing: exchangers, separators, tanks, homogenisers, valves, pumps, instrumentation, etc,
  • study and production of layout plans and 3D plans,
  • study and production of electrotechnical diagrams,
  • functional analysis, development of automatisms on open systems and platform tests, development of analysis and traceability tools or interfacing with your ERP,
  • prefabrication of skids and manifolds

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