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Cybersecurity: securing industrial and technical systems

A 360°, tailor-made and turnkey service offer

Secure all system components:

  • Networks 
  • Equipment, automatons, subsystems 
  • Physical or virtual server infrastructure 
  • User workstations 
  • Business, security or video-surveillance software 
  • Data and storage 

and benefit from: 

  • A guarantee of compliance with existing standards or references 
  • The optimisation of your investments while limiting risks considerably 

Audit, diagnosis and advice

As each system is different and requires a personalised diagnosis of the conditions of the premises and of the vulnerability, our teams accompany you from the beginning of your project: 

  • Physical, logic, technical and functional inventory and mapping 
  • Assessment of the level of security/references 
  • EBIOS risk analysis 
  • Analysis of cybersecurity measures to reduce risks 
  • Report and presentation 
  • Proposal of an action plan 

As cybersecurity is essential throughout the life cycle of installations and must take references into account, we offer support for the protection of your systems up to certification. 

Securing systems

To protect your systems from the risk of cyberattack, our experts focus on the security of architectures, networks, data, software, workstations and equipment:

  • Integration of hardware and software solutions (detection and protection)
  • Remedial and improvement measures
  • Residual risk assessment 

Security maintenance

To maintain an acceptable level of security, benefit from the controlled and sustainable management of risks linked to software vulnerabilities, enabling your systems to provide continuity of service:

  • Vulnerability watch and detection/qualification of new threats 
  • Awareness training, continuous improvement 
  • Simulation of attacks 
  • Incident response 


  • Team training 
  • Risk analysis 
  • Vulnerability watch 
  • Technology watch 
  • Operational support 
  • Awareness raising / Training 


  • On-site inspection, inventory 
  • Checking of software updates 
  • Internal technical diagnosis 
  • Security audit & test 
  • Updating of systems 


  • Management of security breaches 
  • Application of patches 
  • Validation of patches 


  • Testing of security-related operational procedures 
  • Security testing during functional developments 

Clemessy complies with numerous specific or standard-based references (Military Programming Law - LPM, PIMSEC, ANSSI, IEC62443, APSAD D32) in demanding situations and on the premises of operators of essential services. 

Experience & expertise

  • Methodology & reference: EBIOS, EBIOS RM, PIMSEC 
  • Regulatory expertise: ANSSI, NIS, LPM (class 1, 2, 3) 
  • Technical expertise: Syslog, Wallix, Nagios, Radius, Sentryo, Cybelius, Pki, LDAP, Cisco, Hirschmann, Genetec, Stormshield 
  • Governance and integration expertise for projects containing cybersecurity 
  • Member of CLUSIF: French Club for Information Security
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