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Clemessy carries out operational maintenance on Gustave Flaubert Bridge in Rouen for the Dirno

Clemessy’s teams have been keeping the electrical equipment on Gustave Flaubert Bridge in Rouen in operational condition since 2015, working in conjunction with bridge builder and maintenance contract agent Eiffage Métal. The North-Western Interdepartmental Roads Division (Dirno) in charge of maintaining, managing and operating the national road and motorway network, has called on our experts for level 1 to 5 maintenance. 

Clemessy carries out operational maintenance on Gustave Flaubert Bridge in Rouen for the Dirno

The contract for keeping the bridge in operational condition signed between Eiffage Métal and EES-Clemessy comprises two maintenance packages: comprehensive upkeep in the spring and an additional series of six-monthly checks. This programme aims to ensure that the bridge spans can be lifted at any time. 

"From mid-April to mid-May, we carried out annual maintenance work on the bridge’s electrical and control systems. The contract signed with the Dirno also provides for the upkeep of the anti-intrusion system, video surveillance, high and low voltage facilities, automation, supervision, fire detection and extinguishing systems, emergency units and inverters," explained project manager Thomas Leleu.  

Our experts’ annual work involves closing the bridge for four consecutive nights, but it does not entirely hinder traffic, which continues throughout the day. The upstream span of the bridge is lifted during the first two nights enabling Eiffage Métal to carry out mechanical checks, followed by the downstream span during the next two nights. 

During the 2023 Rouen Armada which is scheduled in June, our teams will once again take charge of lifting Gustave Flaubert Bridge’s spans every night between 6 and 9 June, to allow the ships to reach Rouen Harbour. The spans of the bridge will be lifted again on Sunday 18 June between 10 am and 5 pm for the Grand Parade. 

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