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Dorsalys blends an HVB substation into the landscape near Valence TGV station (26) for Enedis

Enedis entrusted our Dorsalys experts with building Grand Courbis HVB transformer substation in the municipality of Châteauneuf-sur-Isère, to support the development of Rovaltain Business Park near Valence TGV station in the Drôme region. The structure is located in the immediate vicinity of the high-speed train line and was designed to blend into the landscape. 

Dorsalys blends an HVB substation into the landscape near Valence TGV station (26) for Enedis

To build Grand Courbis HVB substation, our specialists installed a 225 kV transformer cubicle. They set up the underground MV links and made the connections. Their remit included wiring the Digital Control Unit (PCCN) and HV/LV wiring for the MV switchboard, and also creating  auxiliary power supplies and installing TCFM (Centralized Musical Frequency Remote Control) to enable the transmission of tariff signals. 

" We masked the substation by creating a green mound, to make it blend effectively into the landscape. The pebbles we normally use were replaced by grass to keep the slope stable and the vegetation under control. Enedis' commitment to the environment is reinforced by its 'zero phyto' strategy, since the substation will be operated without the use of any phytosanitary products", explained business manager Alison Contessot. 

Since the high-speed train track runs between the substation and the connecting line, French electricity transmission operator RTE (in charge of the high-voltage network) installed a cable protection system and a pylon higher than the others, so that our experts could connect their 225/20 kV substation to the Enedis network. 

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