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Dorsalys builds a connection substation for Dieppe-Le Tréport offshore wind farm, on behalf of RTE

French electricity transmission operator RTE has commissioned Dorsalys to build the Grande Sole substation which will enable Dieppe-Le Tréport offshore wind farm to be connected to its grid. This transformer station, located on land 3 km from the undersea cable landing point, is scheduled for delivery in spring 2025.


Dorsalys builds a connection substation for Dieppe-Le Tréport offshore wind farm, on behalf of RTE

The electrical substation built by our experts will be linked to the wind farm's offshore station by a double 225 kV undersea link 23 km long, going underground for 3 km from the Penly landing junction. It is to be used to transform the 225 kV electricity generated at sea into 400 kV current that can be fed directly into the national grid. 


Our Dorsalys specialists are in charge of building the land platform. They first had to fill in the existing sinkholes before they could begin earthworks for the platform and the substation fence, as well as digging deep foundations for the entire site. Construction of the buildings, drainage network installation and civil engineering work for the major structures are to follow. Finally, they will install the electrical equipment and connect the substation to high voltage, low voltage and optical fibre 


"Our proven know-how and expertise in this field will enable us to carry through this electrical substation from A to Z, from design to electrical work, including managing all the trades involved in building the station" said Project Manager Alioune Gaye 


The wind farm is located 15.5 km from Le Tréport and 17 km from Dieppe. Its 62 turbines will have a total output of 496 MW (i.e. 8 MW each), enough to cover the equivalent electricity consumption of 850,000 inhabitants (2,000 GWh/year). 

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