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Night operation on the E40 for Eiffage Énergie Systèmes Belux

Our teams, infrastructure experts, carried out an unusual operation on the E40 linking Liège and Brussels at Reyers for our customer Bruxelles Mobilité.  


Night operation on the E40 for Eiffage Énergie Systèmes Belux

The night's objective? To dismantle four imposing 40-metre-high concrete lighting poles dating from the 1970s, whose stability was no longer guaranteed. A fine challenge, since time was of the essence: as soon as the first colors of dawn appear, the E40 is invaded by commuters...   

So it took our colleagues and subcontractor teams 4 nights to disconnect the power grid, cut each pole into sections, and finally truck them away. And because sustainability is at the heart of our activities, the sections were then taken to a waste management center to be crushed and reused as construction aggregate  

Improving the Belgian (and global) electricity grid is at the heart of the energy transition to ensure better quality, more sustainable electricity.  

And we're proud to be part of it, day and night!  

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