CNES entrusted the Clemessy teams with the electrical infrastructure for the launch pad and the computer systems for the new Ariane 6 rocket.

The Clemessy teams were responsible for electrifying the whole of the infrastructure, from updating the existing electrical feeders for the space base, to renovating the generators (on which the launch relies for safety and security reasons), including the HV-LV distribution to the buildings, the protection of electrical power supplies via a UPS network (category 3) and automatic control systems. They carried out work on:

  • Lighting of the 24 structures of the launch pad in order to monitor the launcher during the launch sequence over its first 100 metres. The lighting has to enable high-speed cameras to inspect the launcher from all angles, making it possible to observe the crucial moment when the umbilical links detach from the launcher a few seconds before take-off.
  • Lightning protection system during the launch sequence
  • Electricity and automation covering:
    • The high and low voltage distribution to the buildings
    • Adaptation of the backup power supply with the addition of a generator
  • Lighting of the 24 structures of the launch pad
  • Protecting power supplies via a UPS network and automatic control systems
  • System supervision (electricity, air conditioning and water)
  • Control consoles: implementation of the launcher during the programme, from a family that equips all Ariane 6 factories, culminating in the launch pad control console and its instrumentation and control rooms.

All of these systems comply with a very high level of reliability and cybersecurity and all these services are performed by Eiffage Energy Systems entities.


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