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Commandant Charcot

Saint-Nazaire (44)

The Clemessy teams installed two Azipods on the Commandant Charcot for the Vard shipyard.

This ship, owned by cruise operator Ponant, is the first hybrid electric polar exploration vessel powered by liquefied natural gas.

Commander Charcot was towed to Saint-Nazaire to be fitted with two enormous Azipods – among the most powerful in the world. The work, which took place in July 2020, was completed in just two weeks of shift work (three-eight) and required a month of preparation to install two azimuth thruster pods, with the following characteristics:

  • Weight: 300 tonnes each
  • Electric power: 17 MW each
  • Five-bladed propellers
  • Installation on the counter of the vessel by hydraulic clamping of 60 tie rods with a mass of 20 kg each
  • Electric motor housed in a 360° swivel nacelle, directly driving the propeller
  • High manoeuvrability and optimum fuel efficiency

Additional work was carried out:

  • Fairing and painting of underwater hull (red zone: 1,000 m²) and topsides (blue zone: 2,700 m²)
  • Installation of a protective anti-splash cocoon around the Azipods area
  • Inspection of stabilisers