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Fugitive disturbance capture

To detect fugitive disturbances that may occur on equipment, infrastructures and utilities, our teams have designed a software solution for the acquisition of electrical signals with or without sensors and the various National Instrument acquisition cards to be defined according to requirements. This complete system implementation service, lasting from one to several weeks, enables the capture and analysis of the phenomena sought:   

  • Erratic triggering of a rotating machine 
  • Detection of a disturbance on an electrical network 
  • Temporary monitoring of an equipment 
  • Capture of a transient phenomenon 
  • Search for correlation between different physical quantities 
  • Water hammer or other source of vibration of pipes or structures 

AdoRec®: Seeing to it that you do not miss any fleeting disruptions

Connect up to 32 sensors (vibrations, temperatures, rotational speeds, stresses) to the interchangeable input modules, depending on the static or dynamic values to be recorded.

AdoRec® continuously records the raw time signals while calculating the indicators necessary for detecting the desired phenomena.

It therefore guarantees you will not miss the fleeting events which you want to capture.

Our experts at your service

From the supply of hardware and software to training so that you can carry out measurements and analyses independently, the teams of our brand of expertise in vibration analysis Dynae remain at your disposal to carry out the complete measurement and analysis service: installation of the system, parameterisation, long-term recording and analysis of the phenomena sought. 

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