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Syclone by Clemessy

To meet your technological challenges of increasingly high-performance simplified operation, we have developed the Syclone by Clemessy solution, a fully modular monitoring and control software product.

Operating much like a toolbox, it allows you to develop a fully customised solution suited to all your requirements and environments, from the simplest to the most complex systems.

  • Syclone meets the needs of production and process control, whilst facilitating the use of your monitoring and control system
  • Syclone Real-Time is particularly dedicated to performing tests and trials on real-time processes with a high level of availability and safety.
  • Syclone x Low carbon meets the challenges of managing the performance and energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructure and your process.

Syclone by Clemessy is comprised of a set of modules, which can be implemented "à la carte" according to your needs, in order to optimize the overall development time and simplify the use of the software. Each module has a dedicated function which can be adapted to your specific expectations. They are grouped together into 3 categories according to their function and their role in the system.

  • The Base, which constitutes the heart of the system at server level on which the system relies
  • The Real-Time system developed in C ++ which constitutes the heart of the system for controlling processes, sequences and automated equipment in real time
  • The SCADA unit developed in JAVA which constitutes the heart of the system for the supervision of facilities, processes or measurements

Syclone by Clemessy, the simplest of complex systems

Increase efficiency and reliability

Syclone by Clemessy meets very high levels of quality and reliability. It is already used in a large number of complex customer processes (ballistic missile testing or rocket launching), which for example, involve the use of redundant servers and complies with very strict cybersecurity criteria:

  • Independent software quality which technically checks the trials and tests of our software modules
  • Continuous integration platform which uses tools for formal verification as well as static and dynamic analysis
  • Application of a set of coding rules relating to critical software and cybersecurity (MISRA, JSF or DO-178) regularly audited by our customers

Increase the lifetime of your processes and facilities

Compatible with GNU Linux and Microsoft® Windows®, Syclone by Clemessy is freed of the operating system and remains independent, whatever the version. With a source code based on widely used languages (JAVA and C ++), our solution can easily evolve with your process.

Whether it is all about a new system or refurbishing an existing facility, Syclone has been designed to interface with the equipment available from the largest manufacturers on the market and with the most common communication protocols when we design your monitoring and control cabinet.

In addition, Syclone comes from fields where the lifetime of systems has to be at least 25 years, which cannot be guaranteed with standard software. Therefore, the useful life of the software is 3 times longer than standard software, and it will remain easy and economical to maintain.

Obtain the solution suited to your requirements in a very short time

Syclone by Clemessy has a fully modular and adaptable software and hardware supervision architecture: only the modules which are useful to you are integrated when designing your solution.

You therefore benefit from reduced development times and lower acquisition and operating costs. 

Become faster and forget about failures

A process sequencer and a set of graphic editors allow each user to create, modify and implement their process easily, without needing to be an IT specialist. These editors therefore embed a set of ready-to-use functions and elements which are already validated and can be used with simple Drag & Drop functionality. It is no longer necessary to completely recode and revalidate a process to modify a parameter. This results in significantly increased efficiency.

The performance of your process will therefore be improved: both in terms of processing speed and availability with a rate of nearly 100%.

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