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Industrial 5G

The Internet of Things – the trend towards connecting a growing number of objects (cars, various sensors, industrial robots, etc.) and making them “smart” – could benefit from 5G and thus facilitate multiple applications such as Industry 4.0. The speed, immediacy and security of data exchanged through this technology ensure that 5G is a major asset for the industry of the future.

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes works to integrate this solution with the help of equipment manufacturers and operators, and offers you:

  • Design: core and service studies and engineering, network architecture
  • Deployment: selection and supply of equipment, installation and commissioning
  • Operation of the system: day-to-day running, management of changes, supervision, level 2 & 3 support
  • Maintenance: preventive and curative work by maintenance teams
  • Dedicated solutions: solutions and offers tailored to the customer’s practices and challenges

Industrial 5G: a must for the factory of the future

The strengths of industrial 5G can deliver on many of the promises of digital transformation:

  • Streamlined architecture costs
  • Intrinsic integration of cybersecurity components
  • Coverage of a variety of large geographical areas: indoor, outdoor, underground
  • Prioritised communications: priority flows defined
  • An open approach to new functionalities
    • Geolocation of persons and resources, continuous communications,
    • Improved maintenance: remote diagnosis via thermal cameras and artificial intelligence, remote maintenance support, augmented reality, etc.
    • Automation: automation of hazardous operations, real-time vehicle guidance, robotisation, employee-machine interactions, etc.
  • Improvement of existing functionalities
    • Combining just-in-time or on-demand production to deliver the highest efficiency levels in increasingly competitive markets
    • Maximising production machine automation with real-time communications
    • Responding to emerging requirements: being more agile, more flexible, more secure and more connected

Scalable 4G to 5G network applications

  • Tracking, monitoring, controlling: understanding the state of production at all times
  • Locating smart tools on a production line
  • Ensuring automatic control and adjustment of the sharpening process
  • Assisting the operator in manual tasks; for example, with a video feed to check that a piece of equipment is being screwed on correctly and to alert the operator if it is being handled incorrectly.
  • Mixed and/or augmented reality to assist technicians working on complex operations in real time
  • Reducing the cost of infrastructure and its administration: removing Wi-Fi hubs and using the intrinsic security of 5G
  • Drone piloting on industrial sites and real-time information retrieval
  • Delivering Machine-to-Machine communications and enabling real-time remote monitoring of production indicators
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