"Predictive" and prescriptive maintenance

Artificial intelligence serving maintenance

SmartForest, our "predictive" and prescriptive maintenance solution uses data science, artificial intelligence, and performs descriptive, predictive or prescriptive analyses to optimise your maintenance.

SmartForest goes further than traditional systems (MES, SCADA, supervision) and makes it possible to:

  • aggregate data from several sources (process, sensors, settings/recipes, etc.) to extract new knowledge
  • analyse the interaction between tens and hundreds of variables
  • detect complex patterns which cannot be captured in 2D or 3D visualisations
  • use predictive models in cases where the relationships between the variables are not linear or simple
  • analyse big data which uses up considerable computing power
  • process noisy or unreliable data
  • extract knowledge from non-traditional data (for example: text, images, video ...)
  • develop sophisticated pipelines which can act on data flows in real time (ingestion, pre-processing, extraction of descriptors, predictions)

 With SmartForest you will be able to:

  • Understand what's happening
  • Find the influential factors
  • Identify the origin of a malfunction
  • Understand the causes of variations in cycle time
  • Detect any deviation/nominal operation
  • Take action at the right time
  • Predict the moment of the failure
  • Increase the precision of preventive maintenance
  • Estimate the wear and tear of a component without stopping the process
  • Take effective action
  • Prescribe the maintenance action