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SmartForest Mobility: assistance with connected maintenance

The SmartForest Mobility solution enables the digitisation of maintenance intervention processes, using its own mobile/tablet application, by: dematerialising forms, automatically producing reports and taking industrial constraints (permissions, access authorisations, access to the network, etc.) into account. 

A solution designed by a manufacturer for industrial needs

SmartForest Mobility is a response to major and meaningful challenges:

  • Reduced execution times   
  • Improved mobility and collaboration
  • Ability to deliver additional dynamic actions in real time (embedded artificial intelligence tool)   
  • Generation of reports and minutes at the end of the operation   
  • Customisation of business processes (creation of scenarios, content, entries) for multiple clients and sites    
  • Operation in online and offline mode

The application comprises several features ranging from identifying the participant, with control of authorisation, to producing the final report, with synchronisation and exploitation of the data.

Dematerialise your processes

As a complement to existing systems, you will be able to create your own forms and report templates via an intuitive web configuration interface. SmartForest Mobility can be fully configured by the user. 

Work tasks can be personalised using a Drag & Drop system that makes it much easier to create forms, including variables such as the date of intervention, the name of the task, the attachment of documents necessary for running the work task, etc. Once the task has been completed, the report can be sent by e-mail or via your EDM software, for example, all while updating the client tools: CMMS, IIoT platform, etc.

With processes digitised onto a mobile device, there is an assurance that the correct version of the form is used. 

Equip your technicians with cognitive support

Maintenance technicians use the application to view the interventions they have to carry out.

At the start of each intervention, SmartForest Mobility checks that the operator or technician has the necessary skills, competencies and authorisations to carry out the assigned task. 

The artificial intelligence embedded in SmartForest Mobility provides real-time predictive or prescriptive analysis functionalities, and advises the technician on the decisions to be taken to limit equipment downtime. 

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