Applicator or gun

AXE7 application gun for glazing

  • Gun on fixed jib for triangular bead application
  • Connection to 7th robot axis for nozzle rotation
  • Heated 1K adhesive
  • Compliance ±14mm to absorb mirror curves
  • High pressure gun with rotating joint
  • Multi-robot motorisation interface
  • Integrated high and low detections
  • Option: integration of cord control sensor

AXE6 Application Gun

  • Robot mounted gun for triangular bead application
  • Heated 1K adhesive
  • Compliance included

2K gun fixed sleeve

  • Gun on fixed arm for round bead
  • Heated or ambient 2K adhesive
  • Static mixer

2K motorised sleeve gun

  • Gun on fixed gallows for triangular cord
  • Precisely adjustable and controllable mixing ratios
  • Heated or ambient 2K adhesive
  • Static mixer