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Syclone Real-Time

The most critical processes, such as control systems for launchers or very high-frequency simulation equipment, involve optimal timing and reliability requirements to ensure their operation. This requires a perfect combination of hardware and software to ensure compliance with time constraints and processing accuracy, with almost 100% availability.

Syclone Real-Time is completely deterministic to ensure failure-free control and processing, within the mandatory calculation times allowed, even to the millisecond. In addition, being software developers and integrators, we are able to optimise the interface between hardware and software, even when the process to be controlled is located at a distance of one kilometre from the real-time control system or involves a redundant system.

A solution designed for you

To enable you to control your processes in a precise and efficient way, the Syclone Real-Time solution allows you to act on these 6 fundamental points :

A reliable and secure operation to guarantee the accuracy and quality of the operations you want to perform
An efficient process interface to acquire data with fast and fully synchronized sampling
An easily configurable system to perfectly fit to the operations you want to perform, without superfluous elements that could slow down the process
Automatic and autonomous operation to reduce the risk of error and make the process more reliable, while allowing the operator to intervene manually if necessary
Real-time control to ensure compliance with cycle time constraints and expected accuracy
PID control to apply a precise and efficient correction to a control function between the set point and the measurements

Real-time management

In its architecture, Syclone Real-Time combines both data acquisition and real-time monitoring and control.

Data acquisition is interfaced with process sensors and is carried out via an acquisition front-end.

Using the Real-time oriented EtherCAT® network bus, the data is sent over the network to be processed in the real-time controller, supervised by Syclone.

Once processed, the control front-end transforms the signal into an analogue signal to control the process, all in 1ms over a one-kilometre network.

Forget the computer code

To simplify the management of your processes as much as possible, Syclone Real-Time has a graphic sequencer allowing you to easily and quickly create or modify all your test sequences. It is no longer necessary to call on a computer engineer to create or modify a Real-Time sequence. Just drag and drop functions and controls into the interface to create the sequence, much like a grafcet.

You will also be able to directly modify a parameter or control in the sequence, without having to go through a much longer coding stage.

The Real-Time management sequence can be prepared directly by the user on their computer, anywhere, without necessarily being connected to the test bench. The sequence editing module is fully portable. All the user then has to do is load the sequence into the bench's real-time target, via an automated language transformation gateway to switch from XML to C ++, in order to be able to manage their process.

Sequences can also be created on a sequence editor in tabular form or in Gantt form to suit your requirements.

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