Digital twins

A digital twin is a virtual clone of a physical system or of a process.

Our teams can help you deploy digital twins adapted to your projects, thereby providing you with:

  • a faster and more collaborative design,
  • optimised manufacturing (no prototypes to be made),
  • faster commissioning thanks to debugging carried out on the twin,
  • maintenance and operation support thanks to AI and simulated aging of the twin,
  • easier renovation and rehabilitation due to knowledge of the system and the development of the twin over time,
  • well-controlled demolition and recycling.

With the possibility of: 

  • Designing in collaborative mode (mechanics + automatism) to improve information sharing and favour internal and external participation:   
    • Visual and dynamic working method  
    • Participation and collaboration of those concerned 
    • Widespread access to data  
    • Simultaneous performance of otherwise serialised tasks  
    • Validation of the design with the product’s CAD and the systems’ actual automatism program 
  • Launching production more quickly, optimising set-up times, which can be done in part on the digital twin:
    • Process validation on the digital twin
    • IoT integration
    • User training prior to start-up
  • Providing a tool for the entire life of the product (maintenance, validation of new sub-assemblies, validation of new production runs, etc.). This clone behaves and ages over time like the real system thanks to AI.


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