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Test benches

Our multitechnical engineering offices design, integrate and put into service test benches making it possible to validate and qualify components, sub-assemblies or complete mechanical or electrical assemblies as well as equipment conveying fluids.

Our ranges of benches:

  • Fatigue test bench: to measure the endurance of your equipment or systems (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, IT, etc.)
  • Characterisation test bench: to measure the performance and efficiency of your equipment or systems (pressure, flow, temperature, etc.)
  • Our test benches can be equipped with our Syclone test management solution.

In the following fields: Aeronautics - Space - Defence

  • Ironbird / Helicopter 0 / Drone
  • Landing gear
  • Rudder and THSA
  • TRAS
  • Flaps and slats
  • Motors, fuel pumps, actuators
  • Embedded computers
  • Blades
  • Thrusters

In the Automotive sector

  • Engines (combustion, cryogenic ...)
  • Electric motors
  • Mechanical components (brakes, gearboxes, pumps, alternators)
  • Hydraulic and aeraulic units
  • Test driving robots
  • Electrical components and systems
  • Batteries
  • Specific means
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