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Spain: solid foundations for expert maintenance

Eiffage Energía Sistemas handles a number of major maintenance contracts with a wide range of specialist players. The teams bring their expertise and proactive approach to bear to improve asset lifespan. This ensures proper maintenance, optimizes energy efficiency and helps to reduce our customers' energy consumption and carbon footprint. This is a strategic cornerstone for the division in Spain, demonstrating its expertise and capacity to adjust... 

Spain: solid foundations for expert maintenance

The Division provides a wide range of expert services in Spain to over 500 customers in all sectors of activity, from air conditioning and medical imaging to defibrillators and electrical switchboardsThe Maintenance and Electromedicine Division employs more than 1,000 people throughout the country, including the Balearic and Canary Islands. “We generate annual sales of over €50 million from building maintenance, and over €12 million from electromedicine. This very specialized sector requires a high level of expertise: not everyone can maintain such sophisticated equipment with so much responsibility, requiring official approval", explained department head Pedro Gonzalez Martos. The hospital sector alone accounts for a total of 30% of the department's business. 


“Maintenance is of strategic importance," continued Pedro Gonzalez Martos. “Minor contracts often turn into major opportunities, as they give us the chance to showcase the extent of our know-how, build a bond of trust with the customer, and pinpoint their needs so as to provide a personalized response. We retain the strike force of a big group capable of operating nationwide, while adopting an approach centered around proximity, with a commitment to customized solutions - a real lever for differentiation!" Proof of this can be seen in the contracts won by Eiffage Energía Sistemas, as prestigious as they are ambitious.  


  • CNIO (Centro nacional de investigaciones oncológicas) 

This global flagship in cancer research occupies a 32,000 m2 building in the north of Madrid and has made several major advances. Since 2018, Eiffage Energía Sistemas has been continuously mobilizing up to 30 people to on a continuous basis to provide highly specialized, comprehensive, multi-technical site maintenance, for the building itself and its high-tech laboratories and instruments. In a structure like this, controlling temperature and humidity is not just important for user comfort, but also ensures the success of experiments, particularly those carried out on animals," explained Pedro Gonzalez Martos. “If there are any problems, we must be able to intervene in a matter of minutes and respond to any type of situation. This daily challenge is met by a team of engineers and technicians on call 24/7.  


  • Stellantis 

The automotive giant has entrusted the Branch with the multi-technical maintenance of its Spanish headquarters in Madrid (50,000 m2) and the 30 dealerships it owns throughout the country since 2020. This national contract provides full-time employment for 6 people in Madrid and a total of 15 in the rest of Spain. Its uniqueness lies in the wide variety of operations undertaken. “It's not just a question of technical building management, but also of very different types of expertise: in garage workshops, for example, or forklifts, paint booths or vehicle washing systems. This comprehensive assignment also includes electric charging stations and photovoltaic panels for buildings.  

"We are also working with Stellantis to check and update all its centres and facilities. This task complies with the prevailing technical regulations, which require all applicable improvements in energy efficiency to be implemented". 


  • Ibermutua 

This healthcare group operates around a hundred private clinics throughout Spain. Eiffage Energía Sistemas supports this major player in several ways. The Division provides electrical maintenance for 70% of the sites. In Valladolid, the teams manage the entire brand-new Ibermutua clinic, both the building itself and the medical equipment, including medical imaging and defibrillators. “We also provide computed radiology maintenance for all our facilities This is extremely specific expertise that few companies in Spain can offer. This type of contract requires a high level of organization to provide multi-technical services throughout the country. A total of 15 people are mobilized”. 


  • Generalitat Valenciana Regional Ministry of Justice  

This is a unique service. The Autonomous Community of Valencia has entrusted Eiffage Energía Sistemas with managing all the region's judicial buildings. "Initially in 2016, this was a 1.5-million-euro contract, which has expanded to over 8 million today. The scope covers a total of 60 sites. The most emblematic among them is the 100,000 m2 "Ciudad de la Justicia de Valencia", part of which is dedicated to welcoming the public for trials, mediation, civil proceedings and even weddings. We provide all maintenance services, including electrical, air-conditioning and plumbing”. 

Eiffage Energía Sistemas is also responsible for each building’s energy management, from a technical viewpoint and according to the nature of the building. "The contract includes the provision of our dedicated department. It is responsible for analyzing the data monitored, the conclusions of the maintenance carried out and the building's consumption. The aim is to develop an action plan in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice's infrastructure department, to ensure the efficient use of public buildings, with a focus on the optimal and appropriate performance of key assets". In addition, the electro-medical sector carries out various maintenance operations on part of the equipment at the Forensic Medicine Institute (IML), located in the Ciudad de la Justicia in Valencia.  


The contract also includes an electro-medical component for the entity's forensic medicine department. This one-off contract in Spain requires 120 people, including engineers, architects, administrative staff and technicians in all specialities. Another demonstration of Eiffage Energía Sistemas' teams’ all-round expertise! 


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