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Production monitoring/MES

Our experts design and develop custom-made Manufacturing Execution System solutions.

Our own solutions or solutions available on the market:

  • management of manufacturing recipes
  • management of production orders
  • cost management
  • planning
  • material reception management
  • traceability of all flows and materials
  • substitution management
  • leftover management and reintegration
  • production declaration
  • quality control management
  • calculation of the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)

The MES provides information to each person involved at the company



Viewing the progress of the MO compared to the planned time. Indicators provided:

  • Immediate. During a shutdown, the production operator is informed which machine is responsible as well as the cause of the shutdown, in order to help them take action immediately and in the right place.
  • By work station. Summary table indicating the productivity rate and all events (state of machines and malfunctions) classified chronologically, according to how significant and frequent they are
  • By day: graphic representation of productions, summary tables, malfunctions. Calculation of equipment availability and effectiveness (OEE)
  • By period. A report showing the evolution over time of all the indicators, rates and durations of production phases.




  • Traceability of productions, quantities produced, problems.
  • Traceability of raw materials, operations, process parameters, etc.
  • Performance indicators of the production tool based on an exact measurement.
  • Reports on the evolution of various indicators over time.


  • Knowledge of breakdowns and shutdowns, in real time
  • Coupled with an alert system: SMS, etc ... 
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